Want to find a different handbag material supplier?

Want to find the bag manufacturer in China?

Want to custom your own bag line and sell on Amazon/Etsy/eBay/Walmart?

let's get down to business, want to know how to find the best bag manufacturer?

Come to China! you will find all about bag manufacturer in China!

This is the guide to find and chose a good bag manufacturer in China.

  1. where is the China handbag supplier hubs?
  2. what are the pros & cons of different region handbag manufacturer?
  3. Top 30 best bag manufacturers in China

Then you’ll know all the tips in this guide.

Let’s dive right in.

We categorize handbag SUPPLIER into 6 typical places/cities:

  • Guangzhou
  • Yiwu
  • Quanzhou
  • Baigou
  • Cangnan

These bag supplier hubs have low costs, convenient transportation, a huge number of skilled workers, and a complete industry chain, but each bag market place has its distinctive features and products of expertise.

we will show you about pros & cons of different region bag manufacturers.


if you want to find the high-end leather handbags supplier, you should go to Guangzhou, it is the undisputed leader of the entire industry.

桂花岗Guihuagang is the largest wholesale market for leather goods in China (perhaps the world). You can find dozens of bag manufacturers’ offices there effortlessly, but some factories have moved to Vietnam or Pakistan.

If you want to find new fabrics, materials, and accessories for making leather handbags, you can go to the ShiLing town, there have a leather goods market in HUADU.

So, want to create a premium handbag, come to Guangzhou. (Guangzhou Beanbing co.,ltd)

Guangzhou guihuagang market address:China, Guangdong Sheng, Guangzhou Shi, Baiyun Qu, San Yuan Li, 梓元岗路

SHILLING leather market address: Shiling(international) Leather and Leather Products Center, Yang Chi road, Shiling Town, Huadu, Guangzhou


China's Yiwu City is well known for its small goods.

Thousands of small workshops are scattered around, if you want to buy a small number of cheap handbags, it is the perfect place for you.

You can find most bag wholesalers in Yiwu International Trade City. It is the largest wholesale market for small products on the planet.

So, want to purchase good price Cosmetic Bags,canvas bag, backpack, come to Yiwu.


It is said that half of the world’s fake sports shoes are made here and very good quality and a good price.

Since most of the businesses here are illegal, many sports product stores here are closed during the day and open at night. Only when you go out at night can you find the wholesaler.

if you want to make sports bags, a laptop handbag, or a travel handbag in China, you should find the bag factory in Quanzhou.


If you want to find the lastest and cheap handbag, you should go to Baigou International Luggage Trading Centre, there are very huge.

Due to the rapid rise in labor costs in southern China, some handbag manufacturers are setting new factories around Baigou these years.

Although the salary is 2/3 of that in southern China, most of the workers didn't have a good skill to handle complex bags.

and most of the factories here are nearly small, so it is difficult for them to handle huge orders.

So, if someone hopes to find cheap and low MOQ leather bags, you can go to baigou towns, or if you want to produce a high-end leather bag, you need to find the bag supplier in Guangzhou.


Cangnan on Wenzhou in southern Zhejiang.

Guangzhou, Yiwu,Baigou are supply leather handbag(such as crossbody bag, tote bag, laptop bag, suitcase, luggage and so on)

but, In Cangnan didn't have many leather bag manufacturers, most the bag supplier are making canvas bags or woven bags.

Cangnan is not so much a center of the bag manufacturing industry, but a center of the printing and package industry.

There are thousands of printing factories there, some of which have state-of-the-art printing equipment, and about 30% of China's packages are printed there.

So if you want to buy high print quality bags, I recommend you choose some factory in Cangnan.

Top 30 best bag manufacturers in China 2020

Zhong ding Bags manufacturer – Guangzhou Zhong ding company established in 2015, our company located in Guangzhou, Guangdong China. We are specialized in manufacturing women bag, men bag, and other leather accessories, such as small leather goods, leather labels,crossbody bags, gift bags, shopping bags, tote bags, wallets, clutch, cosmetic purse, etc.

Shining – shining bag supplier offers bag wholesale and custom bag manufacturing service.

Wholesale bag manufacturer for tote bags, shoulder bags, backpack, cards, and wallets, Shining is an affiliate of Alibaba with Live chat option available on their website.

Shengzhen Bag Manufacturer Factory – manufactures trolley bags, backpacks, luggage bags, toy storage bags, carrier bags, duffle bags for mountaineers.

Alpine Bags – they supply shoppers bag, garment bags, travel wagon, tote bags, duffle bags, and luggage with wheels.


CangNan Well Bags – wholesale PP non-woven bags, PET bag, nylon bag, drawstring bags, cooler bags, and cotton bags.

Lemei Bags Co Ltd. – Supplying custom printed bags and lamination.

HuaHao – From spun-lace to spun-bond and spun-melt, there are varied products to choose from HuaHao.

Jinhou group -- manufacturing laptop bag, notebook, laptop backpack for Samsung, Dell, etc.

Xin xiu evening bag -- clutch/rhinestone evening bride/wedding clutch bag manufacturer in Hangzhou, China

dapai-bag -- offering Canvas bag,backpack,nylon bag,sport backpack,waterproof bag  etc.

Sitoy Group - the HKEX listed company, manufactures for Guess and Prada;

Super Group - manufactures for Burberry and Coach;

JS Corp - manufactures for Kate Spade and Ralph Lauren;

Simone ACC. - manufactures for Michael Kors and Gucci;

Well Leatherware - manufactures for Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein;

Luenthai Group - manufactures Laptop bags for Apple and Sony;

Stella International - the HKEX listed company, manufactures for Fossil and Kenzo;

Lee & Man Development - HKEX listed company, manufactures for Puma.

Orient Handbag - manufactures for Hugo Boss and Targus;

Twinkling Star - manufactures for New Balance and American Eagle;

Fond Group - manufactures for Wal-mart and Jc-Penney;

ZiYan Light Industry - manufactures for Disney and Hello-kitty.

Twin Oaks Bags - One of the largest bag factories in Baigou, produces 3,000,000 bags per year, manufactures for Target and Lidl. I’m running it currently;

Three Birds Luggage - manufactures for many brands in the Middle East.

Newcomer Group - manufactures for Samsonite;

Ginza Travel - manufactures for ACE and American Tourister;

XingRong Luggage - manufactures for Costco and Wal-mart;

ShiTong Box-Bags - manufactures for Metro.

HuaHao Non-woven - China’s largest non-woven fabric manufacturer, manufactures for Carrefour and Unilever.

TianRui Chemical Fibre - manufactures for Coca-Cola.

Chenming Group -- this bag company is a Chinese paper-making industry-leading enterprise.offering paper gift bag, shopping bag, and so on.


Hope this post can help you to find a good handbag wholesaler in China.

You can contact us if you have any problems.→→→→contact us

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1. The inside: is made out of bio fill and covered with a waterproof material fabric. This round circumference will need to have a zipper so as to be able to fill it up. (We will do the filling part). For this we need a white waterproof material (cheapest one you have).

2. The exterior: It is the outer space made out of thick linen which will have 2 zippers, a large one on the top and the other one on one of the sides. Inside of this will go the center made of bio fill.
There would be space between the center and exterior so as to be able to put things inside.

If this is possible, I could send in the rest of the details.
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