Actually, there are no particular secrets regarding the leather edge finishing, We ran several tests with them and we are continuously developing new products and application processes, trying to find the best and easier solutions.

We decided to collect all this knowledge in our company, sharing with you all our experience and all the information about leather edge painting, to show how we work and chose the material."

Table content:
  • what is oil edge?
  • What will this do?
  • different color and type of oil edge
  • How we do: burnish and oil leather edge
  • Product show

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what is oil edge?
In order to cover the edges of the gaps, it is also for the beauty of the workmanship. Use the "oil edge" to apply a layer of oil to the edges of the leather. 
and smooth Leather edges would add to the overall quality.

OIL EDGE step:

1. Finishing leather edges of knife case on sanding drum.
2. Finishing leather edges of knife case by sanding it smooth.
4. Leather edge rounded with beveled leather craft tool.
6. Drying

Beanbing bag manufacturer oil edge worker guide:

1. The leather oil edge department arranges the production reasonably according to the production order plan. Each batch is equipped with an edge oil color card according to the requirements, and the material department is notified to prepare the appropriate color oil edge.

2. When preparing the oil edge, the color is required to meet the customer's requirements. It is thick and suitable. It must be tested before the oil side. After the test oil is dry, it is required to not change color, not crack, and smooth.

3. The color of the oil edge should be in accordance with the production requirements, there must be no color deviation, the edge should be straight.

4. The leather oil edge should be full and smooth, and there should be no crack, slot, sand and so on.

5. Oil edge material must be polished according to requirements. If the material is not smooth, it must be polished and refurbished before oiling.

6. The oil is not granulated, it is not sticky.                                                                                                 

7. Make a primer at the edge of the oil, three times with oil. It is required to carry out rough grinding after the first oil drying, fine grinding after the second oil drying, and the finished product effect after the third oil drying.

Did oil edge VS  Didn't oil edge

Many times, the leather PVC and PU belts on our waists are all oil-edge, such as the ear, the decorative piece, the meson strip, the buckle, and the strap of the fashion bag. More oil treatment is used."

Different color and type of  oil edge

There have 3 different oil edge: highlight, medium light, matte light.and over 20 colors.

To achieve a glossy look we recommend using Glossy Top Coat with the matte edge paint. Our premium edge paint is ideal for finishing the cut edges of leather bags, belts, straps, as well as on synthetics such as vinyl and faux leather. These leather edge paints provide superior coverage and excellent finish without the need for hand buffing or a clear coat. 

The Glitter Edge Paint is one of the new fashion leather edge paints, created to meet the many demands of some fashion houses to have unique and never-before-seen finishes. This particular leather edge paint is available in 7 glitter colors. 

Product show

Oil edge color catalog

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