What different from synthetic leather and genuine leather?

Synthetic leather is a leather-like plastic product. The product is usually obtained by coating or coating a layer of a resin mixture on a woven fabric, followed by heating to plasticize it, and rolling or embossing by rolling. Similar to natural leather, it is soft and wear-resistant. Depending on the type of covering, there is synthetic leather for shoes, synthetic leather for luggage, or handbags, and the like according to the use.

Genuine leather is animal leather. the animal is killed and skinned before the body heat leaves the tissues. The freshly removed skin or hide is immediately cured with salt to remove water. The skin is allowed to remain in the shade until it is completely dry. The cured skin or animal hide is then transported to the tanneries for further processing.


*Approximate natural leather

*bright appearance

*soft texture

*wear resistance, folding resistance, acid and alkali resistance

*cheaper than real leather, waterproof than fabric, etc.

*Higher Cutting Value(Less wastage)

*Easy to produce

*Variations of different feel and texture are easy to make

*Handling is easy

*Stitching can be done with a simpler machine

*Skivving not needed


*Poor air permeability and moisture absorption

*Expensive than fabric

*Gets damaged easily

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