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Guangzhou Zhongding bag manufacturer always keeps track of the latest trends in the world handbag market, looking at all the different aspects of the bag market to get a better understanding of it to improve the decision-making in future product production.


Lyst, Lyst is a global fashion search engine. Lyst has released The 2020 Conscious Fashion Report--sustainable fashion. The report offers an in-depth and professional assessment of the global fashion market from the aspects including sustainable fashion market overview, recent trends, customer behavior data, market analysis, and some fashion brand vegan products, etc. In a nutshell, this report offers a comparative assessment of the sustainable fashion market by breaking it down and analyzing it by:


The different product category

The different product material

Each country buyer grow rate by searches


The contents of the eco vegan fashion report


1. They will be helped by The 2020 Conscious Fashion Report:


Handbag manufacturers of bag

Suppliers of raw materials

Dealers of the handbag: Wholesalers, retailers, traders, importers, exporters, e-commerce companies, etc.


2. The principal objectives of the report were to:


how customer searched

By material

By Product Category

By Keyword


Get an estimate of the current market size

Consumer needs

Historical market trends

Substitutes Threat


3. This report shows value data by countries:

(sustainable fashion searches by countries)


Denmark +114%

Australia: +110%

Germany: +53%

Spain: +51%

France: +50%

Canada: +30%

Italy: +20%

UK: +17%

USA: +15%

Russia: +14%


from this report, we get the information about different keyword searches growth rate: upcycled fashion/second-hand/slow fashion/vegan leather.

and sneakers, watches, and handbags are the most searched for categories alongside those keywords.

we also know more and more people care about sustainable fashion(recycle, reuse, eco-friendly), customers want the eco vegan material product.




More and more fashion companies used the eco vegan product to protect our environment and catch the trend. As a bag manufacturer, we do our best to offer the eco vegan leather product for our customers.

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