Practical, elegant,classic. The vintage imitation leather shoulder strap is one of the protagonist's bags of spring-summer 2020. The ideal companion of the dynamic woman, struggling with phase 2


The shoulder bag for spring-summer 2020? It contains only what's necessary, leaves your hands free, and has a vintage look that recalls the good old days with nostalgia. The sketch of the 1970s saddlebag, a timeless model that for spring-summer 2020 returns to the shoulder, just in time to intercept the needs of all women struggling with phase 2.



Shoulder bag: the ideal bag for the dynamic woman

We can consider it the oldest bar in the world: in the Middle Ages it was essential to contain food and flints, now it is the keeper of disinfectant gel and masks. In any case, goods of absolute necessity and little else, to avoid turning it into a heavy burden, on horseback as on a bicycle. The ideal companion of the dynamic woman: the model to focus on this season is in brown leather, with the typical saddle shape, to be worn over the shoulder or languid on the shoulder.



A bit like the icons of the seventies like Ali McGraw and Jane Birkin, among the first fans of the saddlebag, whose looks continue to inspire today's fashions: those who have seen Normal People, the TV series based on Sally Rooney's novel, couldn't help but notice that a brown leather saddlebag handbag hangs from the arm of the protagonist Marianne.



The trendy saddlebag according to the fashion shows

To formalize the return of the 1970s saddlebag bag, the designers. The spring-summer 2020 fashion shows pay homage to the legendary Seventies and the brown leather saddlebag is the not inconsiderable detail of the look: patchwork in suede with studs applications for Alberta Ferretti, crescent-shaped with gold metalwork for Celine, bellows and knotted on the front like a bag for Loewe, small and with maxi logo closure for Saint Laurent, clean and rounded for Jil Sander, school bag for Gucci, with horse bit and folder line, a postman for Tod's, with wide flap and long shoulder strap. The bohemian inspiration leaves room for safari contamination, as long as you don't lose the vintage spirit.


How to match the 1970s saddlebag

A practical evergreen. The 1970s saddle bag like it because you wear it with everything. A must-have piece of the gypsy outfit with Sangallo lace dresses, suede ankle boots, and wide-brimmed hats, it's perfect even when it's off the beaten track. The bourgeois look of yesteryear to try on for spring-summer 2020 consists of a wide blouse, a headscarf, and slightly legged jeans. For lovers of modern minimalism, a neutral outfit, a white t-shirt, a midi skirt, and sandals.



The 1970s saddlebag stands out over the neutral suit. Perfect in combination with a vintage blouse.

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