Over early, silcare needed a source for their leather as well as a leather goods manufacturer. Their brand was growing quickly, and in response, Zhong ding bag company built its bag manufacturing business to meet and outpace the growing demand. We wanted to not only be able to carry out their orders but make ready for bag continued expansion in both sales and number of products.


Known for their iconic nail gel, silcare want quality material as well as a bag manufacturing and sewing partner. Zhong ding developed a program to design, sample development, receive, cut, and sew the large variety of styles in their product catalog as they grew their alliance.


Zhong ding has been adjustable with our volume sizes and short notice orders, consistently meeting close deadlines. We have developed and maintained a hyper-organized inventory process and provided packing and shipping solutions.


Our dedicated Project Managers and product manager communicate with their production team daily to assure they have the stock they need and they can create an on-demand tote bag for marketing purposes.

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