Style speaks a lot about who you are without a word. Women's bags have been fashionable with several best bag manufacturers all over the world. With a variety of collections from different brands all over, one can find it hard to choose which one to go with. Despite our variation in taste, elements like style, elegance, and class are always within us. After a keen analysis, the following brands are found to have exemplary standards and worthy of emulating when it comes to handbags for women.


By Far

Having started in 2016, the three girls behind this great Bulgarian shoe brand, Valentina, Sabina (twins), and Denitsa, had a goal to design accessories that would be admired by high-class ladies. Their products, which include uniquely designed bags for women, are sold online. They have a well-established system that allows them to safely deliver the bags to their designated clients who access them through their web page.


The brand has not only thrived but survived due to its unique and creative designs. For example, it’s the first one to re-introduce the “baguette” shape bags. Besides, their hand-made bags are of high quality and relatively affordable to their target customers. 


Before the brand came into the market, they did an assessment and realized a niche in the availability of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s editions, which are their primary areas of specialty. The bags are fun to rock and designed for the daily life activity of a classy woman.


Stella McCartney

As one of the most famous fashion designers in the world, Stella McCartney began her career in 2001. Her focus was mainly on women's clothes and branded bags, fragrance, and lingerie. The renowned fashion icon has shops spread all over 51 stores in 77 countries around the world within major cities such as London and LA. Her primary target market is the celebrities who feel entitled to wearing stylish and unique outfits.


Having friends who were celebrities helped her tap into the celebrity market. The unique designs of the bags were readily accepted as it is seen now. She has also managed to create a high demand for her brand and is currently shipping the products to over one hundred countries online. Her primary strategy was to use celebrities and her celebrity status for marketing her product. This went from her home town to all over the world.


Issey Miyake

It started as a male outfits brand, and that is what it has built its name on. Some of the Japanese brand products over its 45 years of existence include bags for women, colognes, perfumes as well as male and female outfits. Issey Miyake has managed to spread its outlets all over the world across Asia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America. Currently, it has managed to establish an online platform that allows one to locate its stores and order bags.


The main reason for the success of this brand is its well-connected and organized market strategy that has spread worldwide. The brand's approach is a combination of both old school and modern. With numerous outlets all over the globe, the web page is also designed to help the users quickly locate the stores if online orders are not convenient.



The Los Angeles based brand was started in 2015 by Sarah Staudinger and George Augusto. Their main area of specialization is women's apparel. They are known for their elegantly made and classy bags for women. Their unique custom-made bags are sold online, just like any other brand in operation. The bags are mostly sold online, with several stores available in the United States.


Their success can be attributed to their simple and classic design and relatively affordable items. Besides, this brand takes advantage of celebrities. Many celebrities, like Aimee Song, Eva Chen, and Alexa Chung, had used their bags in public. The primary strategy used by the bag manufacturer is specialization in online marketing and business operation. Their products are as well unique in the market to give the clients a sense of being special.


Dagne Dover

This bag manufacturer is known to specialize in work, travel, gym, and women branded bags. Having begun in 2013, Melissa Mash, Deepa Gandhi, and Jessy Dover are known for their stylish handbags. They are vividly detailed in terms of pictures to give customers an easy time choosing.


Their success has been significant over the years. Their products made from high-quality fabric are also relatively acceptable in the market. The products which are of high quality are made from eco - friendly materials. They will not add a burden to the Earth. From the manufacturing stage, the products are also made to give the customers maximum value for their money due to their high quality.


Cult Gaia

Formed in 2012 by Jasmine Larian, the unique bags producer is known for her impeccable artistry. The designer products are tailored to be cheap and stylish from day one. The first bag made by this brand gained tremendous success, and this works as the cornerstone for the later good reputation of this brand.


The brand's success is mostly attributed to the affordability and unique design of the products. The materials used in making the products are as well readily available. The popularity that it bags gained also contributed to the brand's success. Some big brands, such as Gucci and Prada, have also ventured into It Bags. To overcome this competition, Cult Gaia focused more on price difference while still giving out high-quality products.



Started in 2007 by Emily and Joan Sugihara, the brand made its first product initially in eight colors. The first bag of this brand is created under the background that they want a reusable and functional bag but fail, so they decided to create one. Until now, Standard Baggu is still the bestselling product of this brand.


They are famous as an eco-friendly brand, and they still try to keep it in the process of making bags for women. This is a unique feature, combined with affordability, making the company competitive. The strategy applied by the brand is to cooperate with other brands, like Urban Outfitters. It is a win-win strategy because both brands get massive exposure from their cooperation. 



In general, one can never go wrong as long as you do right by your target market. Different people like different types of everything. Whether your style is new or old, elegance remains a beauty that never fades. As long as you manage to understand how to impress the people you were targeting, all will be well. Without a strategic objective built on the foundation of business, one can hardly survive in this line. Make sure you don't miss the bull's eye. Good luck.

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