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How to save shipping costs for bag?

The degree of competition in the handbag industry is relatively fierce, and various operating costs are high, you should optimize all aspects to avoid unnecessary waste. Transportation costs as one of the expenses, there are many hidden costs inside that can be saved, as a deep-rooted bag manufactur...
bing Saturday 17 September, 2022
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How to make stand-up handbag

Every different function, different style, different size of luggage in the world has a different design, process. Soft bags and stereotypes between the process is also different,OK,now you may ask a question,why the same material made out of, some are standing, some are soft?...
bing Tuesday 12 January, 2021
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The most complete list of bag handle with classification

As a handbag manufacturing company, we encounter various requests and questions from our customers every day, such as what is the price of using metal chains versus (pu or genuine) leather chains, what is the difference in the effect after the sample is made, what are the different processes availab...
bing Wednesday 06 January, 2021
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