Exactly how to determine your bag size?

Length, as well as width, are always determined from the measurements of the base of the bag, while height is determined from the base to the most affordable point (top center) of the style.


As comply with:


Bag Dimension Guide


Length is computed by gauging the base at its largest points, regardless of any kind of tapering in dimension elsewhere guaranteed.


Dimension Overview - Length


Size is computed by determining the range in between both the longest sides at the base, despite any type of tapering in size somewhere else in the purse.


Dimension Guide - Width


The elevation is computed by gauging from the base to the lowest resting point on the top facility of the bag, despite any other height variations in other places in the bag.


Dimension Guide - Elevation

Strap Decline Length

Height is calculated by determining from the base to the most affordable resting factor on the top center of the bag, regardless of any other elevation variations somewhere else in the bag.

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