Custom handbag is the most popular choice among E-commerce Retailers and fashion brands.

Creating a fashion and unique handbag brand requires thoughtful consideration because there have many custom logo way. The custom cost will be different.

We offer our clients a wide range of brand customization services.

Here is the product you can change or custom your own logo.

1. All purse accessories(such as D-RING, O-RING, SNAP, LOCK, BUCKLE, LABEL, STRAP HANDLE)

2.Leather pattern & color

3.Package(dust bag,PVC bag,delivery pocket,gift bag)

we categorize 8 typical customize the brand logo. It can be a high-end stereo metal logo, or a hot stamping, or a unique brand logo for the hardware accessories on each bag. 

This is the guide about different customize handbag logo fee and time.

We provide High quality & Super Responsive Customer Service for our customer.

We provide premium and sturdy hardware for high-end handbags brands.

We treat each product carefully, and each hardware product has undergone 12 processes. and it will be used on the leather handbags products.

Ensure each handbag quality.

❓need other materials product? ( such as the acrylic handle, weaving 

    strap, etc.,)

❓want to know How Much Money You Will Need To custom a 

    Handbag sample?

❓want to start your online handbag business?

❓Find leather bag manufacturer in China?

please feel free to contact us.

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