How to find a bags manufacturers to produce your private label bag? but before you find the bag factory, you need to find the low cost and reliable, suitable custom private label way with is a critical step.

For different companies, no matter a start-up bag business or established brand company, different custom private label way cause different style and will affect the final product sale price and market volume.


How to avoid the problem?

This guide will help you understand how to choose the best custom way. Whether you are an established brand or a startup, drop shipper, our professional bag team will help you realize your vision.


Why Private Label?

  • More profit
  • control the quality
  • control and increase customer satisfaction



1. Custom Brand name in the bag

2. Custom Brand name in the package


We categorize custom brand logo in the bag into 6 typical technology:

  • Embossed / Debossed logo
  • Color deboss
  • Metal plate
  • Silk print
  • Fabric
  • Hardware logo


As follow:


Embossed / Debossed logo

Embossed/debossed logo needs to open a logo model, then use machine to push the logo in the leather bag, no need much fee. just send us your logo file, then we make the LOGO size&location picture to confirm before going with the sample.


Color deboss

The same as the debossed logo, just a little different, Before the machine suppresses the logoneed to put the golden or silver , red hot foil in the leather bag surface.there have many colors for you to choose.


Metal plate

To open the metal plate model, because it's 3D and bigger, it needs about 9-12days and over $100 model fee. but it's more premium and more can choose a different color, such as rose gold, gunmetal and so on. also, choose a different style of technology.for example, engraved, ink, laser and so on.


Silk print

Various colors for you and fast custom logo way.



Fabric logo always insert in the bag inside, white fabric and black letter is the normal choice. low moq and low cost.


Hardware logo

The same as a metal plate, expensive and take a long time to manufacture.


We categorize custom package into 6 typical way:

l PP bag

l Top&Bottom box

l Plane box

l Drawer box

l Nylon/silk drawstring bag

l Paper hang tag


PP bag

Low cost and Moq is about 1000pcs,it's very cheap and takes about 5 days.


Top&Bottom box/Plane box/Drawer box

No very cheap,Moq is about 1000-2000pcs, it needs about 10days to produce the order.


Nylon/silk drawstring bag

About the price, it depends on the material, size and logo size and color. more color more expensive,moq is 1000pcs.moq would be 500pcs if the bag size is over 45cm.


Paper hang tag

Fast and easy to produce the paper hang tag, you can also print some customer service card to increase customer satisfaction.


If you have any problem with the private label bag, just contact our team, we are always ready to help you find the best way.


Our services include private label programs, stock programs, and custom development, all designed to suit the unique needs of your brand.

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Kamilia Alsayyed
Wednesday 27th January 2021

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