Handbag Strap Type Ultimate Guide
While bag straps details are a small style component in bag designing, choosing the right strap for your bag design is important when you are designing a handbag collection. Guangzhou zhongding bags company made the PU leather strap for ourself, most metal hardware and other bag fittings are bought through our strongest suppliers, When deciding on a strap style for your brand collection creation, it’s important to consider the length and width because each has their own characteristics which change the look, comfort, and the way the bag is carried.
As you are going to invest considerable funds for creating your brand handbag products, you must know 3 things:
“what different from the material and technology?”
“What is the best size for a handbag strap?”
“How to chose the best purse strap?”
While making a final decision is up to you, the details provided in this handbag straps handle guide has everything that will surely level up your knowledge to make the final decision.
Let’s dive right in.
We categorize handbag straps into 19 typical material&shape:
  1. Leather handles
  2. Fabric handles
  3. Wooden handles
  4. Chain
  5. Crochet handles
  6. Straw handles
  7. Webbing
  8. Rope handles
  9. Soft cord handles
  10. Thread/yarn handles
  11. Beaded handles (Wooden beaded&pearl beaded)
  12. Ribbon handles
  13. Braided handles
  14. PVC Handles
  15. TPU Handles
  16. Shoulder handles
  17. Bracelet handle
  18. Top handles
  19. Long and medium Straps

ONE: When you think of bag handles a leather handle is what comes to the mind first and foremost. They have unparalleled elegance. Even when ordinary cloth bags are fitted with leather handles, the look of the bag is completely changed for the better.

TWO: A fabric handle is usually matching with a canvas bag or cloth bag, and they are very lightweight. They are easy for manufacturing.
You can choose the flat straps/handles with fabric made stiff with interfacing or insert plastic Flexi-tubing inside to give strength. The Reinforced tubing made of  Soft PVC  is inserted inside the fabric strap.

THREE: This could be Solid Wooden Handles or made of bamboo wood. They are great with crocheted, knitted or woven bags.(such as Ulla Johnson wooden tote bag, Poolside bag, Cult Gaia bamboo wooden handbag clutch purse, Loeffler Randall and so on)
The wooden handle is made of bamboo wood. wooden handle is premium and expensive. There have the other methods to create the bamboo wood effect, use the plastic to manufacture.

FOUR: The chain includes oval-shaped and round shaped ones used in clutches and frames around purses and also longer handles. They come in silver, copper gunmetal, and gold shades and are usually attached to bags with washers and screws.
Metal chains are long chains used as cross-body straps for shoulder bags.

FIVE: A crocheted handle is used with fabric handbags and crocheted bags. 
crocheted handles are always a fun option for any crocheted tote, handbag, or purse! 
Crocheted bag is most popular in the autumn and winter season.

SIX: Beach bag and basket bag usually use the palm leaves straw handle. Suitable for summer, holiday.Great Bali style! 

SEVEN: Cotton webbing can be used as bag straps or handles, Cover it with fabric for a sturdy handle or use it as bag straps & handles.

EIGHT: The rope bag or handle are made by hand-woven craftsmanship. The rope handle is 100% handmade, the worker twisted/braided jute or hemp, then rope it as a bag handle.

NIGHT: Canvas beach tote bag or shopping bag usually uses the soft cotton cord handles, the process is very easy, just insert it through and metal eyelet and knot it for an instant handle for the handbag.

TEN: There have many different ways to tie thread/yarn, we can meet your need, To create your unique handbag straps.

ELEVEN: The beaded handle is made by hand-woven craftsmanship. The beaded are made by faux beaded(resin material or plastic), a variety of color and size, The beaded handle are more heavy and elegant, vintage.

TWELVE: The ribbon handle is very lightweight, thin and smooth, they usually make cute strap(bow) for drawstring bags.

THIRTEENTH: Plastic handle has a variety of color, size, shape. and the model is made by machine, it usually needs the model fee.

FOURTEENTH: These handles are made by braiding leather strips or fabric yarn. Braided handles are very strong and unique.but if the customer keeps heavy stuff in the bag, they are very uncomfortable for the shoulder.

FIFTEENTH: TPU handle has a variety of color, size, shape. and the model is made by machine, it usually needs the model fee.(VERY EXPENSIVE, THE MODLE FEE WILL BE FREE IF THE QUANTITY CATCH 10000PCS)

SIXTEENTH: PVC handle is made by machine, a clear summer beach bag is usually made of PVC.

SEVENTEENTH: A variation of the top handle – this is a handle through which you can slip your arm. The handle rests on the ankle as if it is a bracelet, making another jewelry there superfluous.
Strong top-handle made of leather.


Short handle straps are used to take bags as a top-handle (held with hand or over your arm), it also as a hobo-style strap. 
when attaching a short handle strap to a hobo style handbag, the weight of the bag will change the shape of the bag and increase the drop length quite a bit, sometimes double, so be sure to test this on your handbag. Ensure the handbag quality, beanbing bag factory use the newest machine to test the purse handle strap. (over 1000 times per bag), make sure our customer get the best handbag.

A bracelet strap fits around your wrist then attaches it to your bag, making it a good choice for smaller bags that need to be closed (such as clutches) or purses. 
Bracelet straps can also be used as key chains or even as large zipper pulls.

Shoulder straps are generally in the range of 30 inches and are usually used to carry bags tightly under your arms and close to your body. This is a popular length because the strap can also function as a top handle for other bag styles, such as tote bags. Many people like this length because it allows you to hold a bag with a handle when you carry it on your shoulder, but you are allowed to let go of your hands and be free when shopping.
The beauty of the strap that can be removed/attached is that you are free to carry the bag as you wish. Simply attach the strap of your choice and go!

More Longer shoulder straps are generally 40-inch range. For the petite person, this length can often be used to wear your bag across your body, we call the  crossbody bag

Extra-long straps have many uses, There is a great choice if you're a tall or plus-size person, or wear heavy clothing like a winter coat, or more love a low-hanging purse. These extra-longer shoulder straps are designed for that.
It's possible to go longer than 65-inches, but the strap materials quickly become limited. Due to genuine leather hide size limitations, it's often not possible to go longer than 70-inches. (use more, cost more) Other materials, like canvas and nylon webbing, can be made into very long straps (by request).
Adjustable straps offer the highest flexibility. Our straps are available in two forms: with our popular tri-glide "slider" hardware for precise strap length adjustments, or with "hole holes and buckles" that have adjustable lengths.
Adjustable strap lengths ranging from 28 to 65-inches. Many customers opt for 55-inch straps because their range can be changed quickly from 34-inches to 55-inches, making it seamless to change your bag from shoulder style to crossbody style.

The strap width is the portion of the strap that rests on your shoulder or in your hand (if used as a "top handle"). Generally speaking, the larger the strap width, the heavier a bag that can be supported. This is because of the contact area of the strap increases as the strap width increases, which allows for improved weight distribution and comfort. 
And most commute/work bag usually use a larger strap, to mitigate customer pain when taking the heavy stuff(such as laptop, A4file, book and so on).
We categorize handbag straps into 6 widths:
  1. Extra Petite & Drawstring Straps (0.375-inch, ⅜-inch)
  2. Petite Width Straps (0.5-inch, ½-inch)
  3. Standard Width Straps (0.75-inch, ¾-inch)
  4. Classic Width Straps (1-inch)
  5. Wide Width Straps (1.5-inch, 1½-inch)
  6. Chain Straps (varying in width from ¼-inch to ⅝-inch)

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