what is the key consumer experience insights?

what about the state of connected commerce?

does amazon is a rival or enemy?

how to optimizing the path to purchase?

respondents responses

what experience we can learn from Amazon?

which device or method provides the best shopping experience?

connected shoppers influenced by content more than the price.

Read this report, get All the answer.

DMI released "What the buyer wants - consumer report."

Having a retailer's online account can take advantage of it, including faster checkouts and more personalized shopping experience. More than 1,500 adult American consumers surveyed by DMI found that 46% of respondents use online accounts, but other factors make others hesitant.

One of the obstacles preventing consumers from creating user accounts is that they know that emails will follow. About one-third of respondents (32%) are not interested in receiving marketing emails.

Historically, people have said that retailers send more relevant and accurate emails than other industries. However, the data shows that many consumers are scanning the subject line to decide whether to open the retailer's email. Consumers still subscribe to mail because it is difficult to unsubscribe. Consumers who make multiple online purchases at various retailer platforms may be reluctant to browse the resulting emails when they create user accounts.

One in four respondents (24%) said they were nervous about providing personal information. Most marketers know that data security and privacy are top priorities for customers in the digital age, and what happens if they don't protect customer data. As we all know, American consumers will give up brands that use their customer data without their knowledge. Many people stop using the brand after the data is leaked.

Some consumers feel nervous about their data being abused and they are taking action to reduce their digital footprint. Some people even buy products in-store instead of buying them online.

Another reason for shoppers to abandon registered user accounts is that it takes time, and 22% of consumers say the process takes a long time. In addition, another 13% of respondents indicated that they did not register a user account because they did not plan to purchase products from the retailer platform again.

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