In the second part of our hand baggage series we inform you which items may be carried in your hand baggage.


No matter whether you are going on a weekend trip or a summer trip, the most important things for the journey are usually stowed in your hand luggage. Here, too, there are strict regulations governing the size and weight of hand luggage, which regulate the contents.


Save yourself extensive research and relax while you are packing. The generally applicable regulations for the contents of hand baggage on the aircraft can be found here.


Liquids in hand luggage: What are the guidelines for air travel?

The most common misunderstandings regarding hand luggage occur when carrying liquids. Even before you are allowed to enter the security checkpoint, liquids that do not comply with the regulations must be disposed of - too large, too full or incorrectly packed.



With these tips you can get through the security check at the airport stress-free


A small saving tip: Empty PET bottles can be taken through the security check without any problems. They can then be refilled with water from the sanitary facilities.


What is liquid during an air trip? The most important categories are:


l  Food and beverages: water, juice, soups, syrup, but also mixtures of liquid and solid substances such as yoghurt or jam.

l  Cosmetics: various cosmetic products, such as mascara, perfume, liquid make-up, liquid lipstick or toothpaste.

l  Care products: Creams, gels, shower gels, lotions and oils, but also sprays and foams (shaving cream, hair mousse, hair spray or deodorant).

l  To pack liquids for hand luggage

l  For liquids of all kinds: Each liquid must be filled into a sealable container with a maximum size of 100ml. Containers with a capacity of more than 100ml may not be carried, even if they are only partially filled.


All liquids must be stowed together in a transparent and re-sealable bag with a maximum capacity of 1 liter. Transparent toilet bags are suitable for this purpose, but also simple freezer bags with zip fasteners. Important: Only one bag of this type is allowed per person in hand luggage. The number of containers in the bag itself is not regulated, the only important thing is that it can be closed.


During the security check this bag is often checked separately by the staff. We therefore advise you to have the bag ready at the security checkpoint to save time, stress and unnecessary searching! Most airports now offer the sale of resalable bags before the security check. So don't panic if you haven't thought about it when packing.



Liquids in hand luggage: fill into containers with a maximum capacity of 100ml and transport in transparent bags.



Food and food on the plane? This is allowed!

In terms of food and groceries, there are very individual


Import regulations. One should inform oneself about these in detail before departure. In general: Food and beverages purchased in the duty free area may be brought on board. Small snacks brought from home, such as sandwiches, may also be taken on board.


These medicines may be carried in hand luggage

There are also guidelines for medication that should be observed when carrying it in your hand luggage. As a rule of thumb, most medication required during the flight may also be carried in hand luggage.


This category includes most medicines in tablet form. For medicines in the form of ointments or creams, if they are needed during the flight, they may be taken on board. In this case, however, it may happen that the security staff checks them again separately. If you want to be on the safe side, ask your family doctor to issue a certificate before the flight, e.g. for the use of asthma inhalers.


If ointment or cream is not absolutely necessary on the flight, the same regulations apply as for liquids.


Do you carry electronic devices in hand luggage?

Most airlines allow the carriage of various electronic devices in hand luggage without restriction. For example, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, digital cameras, e-readers, electric shavers and hair dryers, etc. may be taken on board.


Please note that staff at the security checkpoint is free to randomly bring up laptops and tablets. Therefore, make sure to charge the battery before the flight and keep the devices ready for a possible check by the security personnel to avoid unnecessary waiting times.


Other items in hand luggage

If you are travelling with an infant under three years of age, it is of course permitted to take baby food and water on board.


Medically necessary equipment, such as an air compressor or a respirator, may also be carried in hand luggage. A medical certificate is also recommended here.


Items such as electric razors, cigarettes, hair dryers and duty free goods purchased on the day of the flight may also be carried in hand luggage.


Lighters are generally not allowed in hand luggage. However, gas lighters are an exception to the rule. However, these should not be carried in hand luggage during a flight, but directly on the body. It should also be noted that each passenger may only carry one lighter. Important: This regulation only applies to flights within the EU. Other regulations may apply when travelling to non-EU countries. The carrying of lighters into the USA is prohibited in principle.


For safety reasons, certain items should always be carried in hand luggage.  These include mobile phones, laptops, e-cigarettes, valuables such as expensive jewelry, cash, keys, camera equipment, your passport and most importantly: your flight ticket.


Prohibited items in hand luggage

Pocket knives and scissors with a maximum blade length of 6cm are allowed in hand luggage in Germany and many other countries. Please note, however, that all lock knives and switch knives, carpet and cardboard knives, utility knives, ritual knives, regardless of blade length, made of metal or any other material strong enough to make it usable as a weapon are not permitted on board aircraft.


Tools that can be used as pointed or sharp weapons, such as drills and drill bits, all saws, screwdrivers, crowbars, hammers, pliers, wrenches and soldering lamps, are not allowed on board.


Again, you should inform yourself about individual regulations of the destination country before your trip. When entering the USA, nail scissors, razors and pocket knives, for example, are completely prohibited.


Some items are forbidden without restriction in hand luggage on a flight.


Prohibited items in hand baggage:

l  Gas and gas containers, spray paint cans and gasoline lighters

l  Weapons, ammunition and imitation weapons

l  Razor blades without plastic frame

l  Nail files (except paper files)

l  Ski poles, hiking poles and ice skates

l  Sports rackets (baseball/golf) and skateboards

l  darts

l  Fishing Rods

l  Stun gun

l  anesthetic and repellent spray

l  Explosive and flammable substances (also nail polish remover)

l  Chemical and toxic substances

l  Fireworks

l  Drills and drilling machines

l  creatures that violate the species protection of the country of entry

l  Containers under pressure, except drugstore and cosmetic products

l  Knitting needles

l  Syringes

l  tent pegs for camping

l  large quantities of perfume, alcohol or other liquids

l  Peroxides and hair dyes


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