In a flash, it's already 2021.


Every New Year, all industries begin to take stock of the year, and Dr. V's fashion industry is no exception.


Fashion platform LYST recently published its various rankings, which has become a hot topic of discussion in the fashion world recently.


What is LYST?


You can think of it is the "Google" of the fashion world.


Every year, LYST will summarize the most authoritative rankings based on the searches, browsing and purchases made by 9 million consumers worldwide when shopping online, involving 12,000 designer brands and e-merchants, as well as Google search engine data and social media indexes.



LYST's list is also the most worthwhile industry data for major buying stores to refer to each year.


The latest top brands ranking for Q3 2020



However, for Dr. V, the annual The World's Most Wanted hot item list is actually more interesting than the infrequently changing names on the annual brands.


Because it represents the preferences of global consumers, there are also a lot of niche brands.



In the new 2021, these pop-up makers will continue to power, very worth looking forward to.


What are the Top 10 items in the eyes of the fashion industry? Why not take a look at it?




Top 10.

Frankie Shop's shoulder-padded T-shirt



You must have seen this inconspicuous tank top in many bloggers' and netizens' street photos last year, spring/summer 2020.



This undershirt is from New York brand The Frankie Shop, and at the height of its popularity, it was sold out on almost all e-commerce stores and was restocked several times later.



The most unusual thing about this dress is that it adds shoulder pads to our very common tank tops, but it instantly adds to the chicness of the piece.



This wide shoulder undershirt has a special name in fashion circles - Muscle Tee, and with the addition of shoulder pads, you can wear it to have beautiful right-angle shoulders and look especially powerful.



It is estimated that this also represents the needs of girls in 2020 for the dress code: simple and easy, but also looks elite.



The Muscle Tee has become a huge hit and has also led to other items from The Frankie Shop, such as its various suit sets.



The simple yet powerful design is especially suitable for those who like to wear classic clothes but want to be fashionable, and it is a brand that never goes wrong in the closet.



Top 9.

UGG's slippers and boots



The popularity of UGG in 2020 is not really a surprise. The UGGs have a homely atmosphere, as we all stay at home and need some warm and practical items.



According to LYST statistics, UGG slippers, and snow boots are searched 201,000 and 90,500 times on the Internet every month respectively, which is very hot.


Previously, UGG has always been like a "life-saving" item, but in recent years, a lot of more fashionable models have been introduced.


These furry slippers have become a popular item for many fashionable people in 2020.



At the end of 2020, they also got the strongest New York brand Telfar to collaborate with them to clean up their previous rustic image.



After a difficult year, there is a growing demand for practicality, and with the recent cold weather coming, how about getting a pair?


Top 8.

CROCS cave shoes


CROCS really turned around in 2020, with an average of 135,000 searches per month.


This is also due to the "ugly" style that has blown up in the fashion world in recent years, as the BOF fashion review website said: "Ugly Fashion Is Big Business" (ugly fashion is big business).


CROCS is one of the most representative items and many designers have taken them directly to the show to explore the infinite possibilities of fashion.



Justin Bieber is also, a big fan of CROCS and often wears them in street photography.


In October 2020, he also launched a collaboration with CROCS, using the main colors from his brand DREW.



In the fashion world, there is no boundary between ugly and beautiful shoes, beauty and ugliness all depends on the temperament, just look at the street photography.



Recently, there are many ways to add cute accessories to holey shoes on social media, which can make each pair unique.



Top 7.

Prada Nylon Shorts


Prada's 2020 was also a great year, winning the fourth place of LYST Q3 Brand of the Year.


Prada has also contributed many breakout items, including the Hobo, which was almost a handful in street photography in early 2020 and hard to find, and the recently launched Cleo, which is a favorite of many fashionable girls.



The most searched for nylon shorts, this year are the ones that look easy to wear and also have the iconic triangle label, which is highly recognizable.



Training shorts are also a trend that cannot be ignored this year, giving people a healthy and lively temperament.


After the cycling pants trend, loose-fitting training shorts may become popular as a more figure friendly item.


Top 6.

House Of Sunny Knit Dress


House Of Sunny is a British niche brand is worn by a number of street stars. I don't know if you remember this IG photo of Kendall sitting on the beach, but the green dress she is wearing is the most searched item of the brand this year.



It is said that this green dress has also brought fire to the same shade, which is the avocado green that is active in the fashion circle in 2020.



In addition to Kendall, Bella Hadid, and Dua Lipa all wore their dresses.


House Of Sunny's style is just like the name, always gives a bright and lively cute taste, which makes people feel good.


In addition to knitted dresses, her knitted sweaters are also popular.


The most special features are the small details such as plush cuffs and patterns that look like children's colorful paintings, which are very memorable.



In this new year, you can also pay more attention to this cute and a little sexy brand.


Top 5.

H&M bubble sleeve doll dress


The cute style is especially popular in 2020, so I believe many girls should have gotten a doll dress, right?


The fifth place on LYST's most popular list is this H&M pink bubble sleeve doll dress, which was out of stock worldwide in less than 24 hours after it hit the shelves.



Rather than saying that this dress is hot, it represents the doll dress trend of 2020, and it is also particularly affordable, just under 50 euros, less than 400 yuan.


We slightly summarized the reasons why the doll dress will be hot: first of all, the bubble sleeves and the wide silhouette, both of which have the effect of hiding meat, while both of them can give a romantic and lovely temperament, killing two birds with one stone.



If you haven't lost weight this spring, why don't you consider buying a baby doll dress?


Top 4.

NIKE sweatpants



In 2020, NIKE is really in the fashion world.


In the 2020 Q3 annual brand ranking, NIKE was the only non-luxury brand in the ranking, and achieved the third place, even surpassing Prada and Balenciaga.



Dunk sneakers whose prices soared to be comparable to luxury goods, various one-shoe hard-to-find collaborations, and collaborative collections with fashion brands all left a lasting impression.



But in fact, the most searched for NIKE 2020 is NIKE's sweatpants, with a 213% increase in searches, as well as being a common item in street photography.



Because of the epidemic, people are becoming health conscious and love sports. This has positive implications for everyone, not just for the fashion industry.


Will there be more fashionable sports equipment in 2021? Let's wait and see.



Top 3.

Telfar shopping bag



Telfar, a brand from New York, is also the second place of the niche brand of the year, just behind the well-known Marine Serre.



The item of the year came from its tote bag, which saw a 163% spike in weekly searches after Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez carried it while attending Congress.



This bag was called "the black people's own platinum bag" and was once hard to find.



Telfar opened an email reservation on its website to keep people from raising the price, and all the bags were sold out within 7 minutes.



The logo on the bag comes from the designer's initials "TC", which also has another meaning: Terminal Capitalism, which translates to - incorrigible capitalism.



This is also the attitude of Telfar fashion design, opposing all formalism and high pricing, and only designing practical and fun things.



So as you can see, Telfar's pieces have a relaxed, casual feel and are not too expensive per unit.




Recently, this bag has been restocked in various e-commerce stores, so you can check them out if you like them, because the design is simple and will not be outdated next year.



Top 2.

Birkenstock slippers




Like CROCS, Birkenstock is also one of the representative items of "Ugly Fashion".



But it can rank so much higher than the hole shoes, because it has a kind of temperament between casual and formal, more fashionable.



Kendall just happened to be wearing this pair of Burkane slippers in her recent street photography, and it is also the first choice for many celebrities in their private street photography, because it is so comfortable and extremely versatile.



This brand from Germany, first known for designing slippers for rehab patients, has become closely associated with the fashion world in the past few years, with major brands looking for it to launch co-branded collections.



Its collaboration with Proenza Schouler in 2020 was also ranked fifth on the list of "most popular co-branded collections of the year".




More and more people are wearing Birkenstock with their suits, creating a new way of dressing.



Top 1.

Off-White™ Mouthpiece




The first item of the year 2020 list is the Off-White™ logo mask, which is also the most representative item of 2020.


Because of the epidemic, masks saw a 502% increase in search volume across the web in 2020.


The number of searches for the term "Off-White™ masks" more than quadrupled in the first quarter.


It seems that the epidemic still can't stop people from loving beauty.


The fact that Off-White™ masks worth $95 are in the number one spot also confirms the loyalty of its fans to the brand.


In a fashion world where fashion brands are updated so quickly, Off-White™ is still deeply rooted in people's hearts.


If you look through LYST's past summaries, you will find that Off-White™ appears very frequently and the quality of the items it outputs is becoming more and more consistent.


Even more recently, Off-White™ has launched its own home line, building up its reputation step by step.


As 2021 kicks off, Dr. V will also be exploring and dissecting more trends in the fashion world in the new year.


Of course, it is hoped that this year's winner item of the year will not be a mouthpiece anymore.


Our 2021 deserves to have more warmth and beauty.

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