The degree of competition in the handbag industry is relatively fierce, and various operating costs are high, you should optimize all aspects to avoid unnecessary waste. Transportation costs as one of the expenses, there are many hidden costs inside that can be saved, as a deep-rooted bag manufacturer for many years, we will propose various optimization programs according to the customer's budget situation and so on. In this post, we will introduce how to save shipping costs from the following options.



Different transport solutions

Billing method of transportation

Calculating shipping costs

How to optimize packaging


It is important to choose the right shipping method, which determines when you will receive the goods, the payment method, and the shipping cost.


There are three options of transportation.

  • Air freight
  • Sea Freight
  • Land transport


Each of these three transportation options has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Air freight: more expensive but fast, from China to the United States generally takes about 3-15 days, generally recommended for small and light cargo, the value of goods is relatively high, or urgent use.


Sea freight: the cost is cheaper but slow, from China to the United States generally takes about 30-45 days, more cargo and the time limit does not have any requirements can choose sea freight.

At the same time, sea freight is divided into FCL or LCL two options (Full Container Load (FCL) or Less Than a Container Load (LCL)

If you need to ensure the safe and reliable transportation of your goods in a sealed container, we recommend the use of full containers. There are two types of full containers, a 20-foot container with a capacity of 33 cubic meters, and a 40-foot container with an internal capacity of 66 cubic meters.

On the other hand, consolidation means booking only part of the container for the transportation of your cargo, not all of it. It can significantly reduce your shipping costs by loading your cargo with other customers' cargoes. We recommend shipping in LCL for orders up to 15 cubic meters, although this depends on the port of departure as well.


There are the following ports in the U.S. If you are from an inland city, you need to arrive at the port, unload and transfer to land transportation, or separate air transportation is available, depending on the transportation cost.

1. Western ports: Los Angeles (LA/Los Angeles), Long Beach (LB/Long Beach), Oakland (Oakl), San Francisco (San Francisco/San Francisco), Seattle (Seattle), and Tacoma (Tacoma).

2. Eastern ports: New York (New York), Houston (Houston), Miami (Miami), Savannah (Savanah), Charleston (Charleston)

Port of Los Angeles: Located in southwestern California, it is the number one container port in the United States. Most of the containers from Amazon sellers go to this port, which has now also become the most congested port. For example, Evergreen Marine Corp (EMC), to Star Express (ZIM), Maersk, COSCO, and other ships are in this terminal port of call.

Port of Long Beach: adjacent to the Los Angeles terminal, congestion will be less than Los Angeles, compared to Los Angeles only the Port of Long Beach is smaller, Mason Ship's independent terminal is located here.

Port of Oakland: also located in California on the east coast of San Francisco Bay, is the fourth largest container port in the United States.

Port of San Francisco: On the west coast of San Francisco Bay, also known as the Port of San Francisco, it is one of the three largest natural ports in the world.

Port of Seattle: In the northwestern part of the United States, the western port of Washington State, is the second largest container port in the United States.

Port of New Jersey: Located at the border of New York and New Jersey, at the mouth of the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean.

Port of New York: One of the largest natural deep-water seaports in the world, in the northeast of the Hudson River. It is the third largest container port in the United States. Amazon sellers are domestic to the U.S. East route most to this port.

Port of Houston: In the southeast of the United States Texas, in the northwest of the Gulf of Mexico. Is the first major port in the southern United States

2. Land transport: the cost is between sea and air transport, the time limit of 30-45 days, from China to the United States is generally more direct sea transport, unless it is an inland city, after arriving at the port in the transfer of land transport.



Calculation of transportation

How is the shipping company billed?

There are two weights of goods, one is the actual weight of KG, one is the volume weight CBM, billing weight is the maximum of KG or CBM, for example, the weight of the goods is 100KG, but the volume weight is 102, then the billing is to use the volume weight X price, the volume weight formula is (length x width x height)/5000


So it is very important to reduce the weight of the product, and Control product packaging size. so how to optimize the packaging?



Packaging optimization mainly starts from the following aspects.

  • Reducing filler
  • Reduce the size
  • Change to package material


In general, Packaging not only saves product, but also protects the product, in addition to acrylic, leather, and shaped bags, these types of bags need padding to protect the product to avoid damage in transit, choosing the right padding is very important, can protect the product and save money.


Handbag products are often used as the general filler Expandable Polyethylene, bubble bags, foam, paper, plastic corner protectors, and so on.

Among them, Expandable Polyethylene, the foam has different thicknesses, you can choose according to the actual needs of the product.

Air bubble bags and paper are generally placed directly in the bag for shaping, from the weight, the choice of bubble bags will be more appropriate.


If it is not necessary to special shaped, such as cotton bags, canvas bags, PVC bags and so on, you can directly replace the carton with plastic bags for packaging, reducing a certain amount of wasted space, while the cost will also be greatly reduced.



At the same time, there are some products put into the carton, there are many gaps, then you can consider removing the filler or directly replaced by a smaller carton.


Here to organize a summary of the optimal packaging solutions for a variety of different bags

Acrylic bags/evening bags: carton +Expandable Polyethylene + non-woven fabric, acrylic belongs to the easier-to-crack material, and evening bags are generally inlaid with rhinestone, the value of goods is relatively high, so in terms of protection needs attention.


Leather bags: carton + non-woven + bubble bags, general leather bags are recommended to use this type of packaging, but if the leather is more precious, and more prone to scratches, needs to be put around each carton sheet Expandable Polyethylene or bubble bags to protect.


Canvas bags/polyester bags/cotton bags: plastic bags + non-woven, these bags are the least prone to breakage, directly with the simplest plastic bags packaging.


Luggage: carton + plastic corner protection + bubble bags +opp bags

Shaped bags: carton + Expandable Polyethylene + bubble bags + non-woven


Through the characteristics of different bags, choosing the most appropriate transport solutions and package methods can save costs.

contact us for the overall packaging solutions optimization.


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