Leather bags can be found in almost every woman's wardrobe. A great leather bag is characterized above all by quality and durability because leather is a particularly natural and robust raw material. Everyone knows the individual and beautiful patina, which receives a leather bag after several years of use and makes every bag unique. Incomparable, because no other material changes as beautifully as leather.

Leather is processed and refined during processing with the help of various chemical or vegetable processing techniques. Nevertheless, leather bags are exposed to numerous environmental influences when used frequently. The leather is stressed by daily use.


In our new blog post, we present you with the best tips on how to take good care of your bag.


The best storage for the leather bag:

Each of us has bags that are only worn at certain times of the year. In this case, the bag should be stored properly, especially if it is not used for a long time. It is best to store the leather bag gently in an air-permeable cotton bag, a cardboard box, or an old cushion cover. How to protect your bag from dust, dirt, and UV rays. Store your bag well packaged in a cool, dry, and dark place. It is also advisable to equip the bag with filling material when it is not in use so that the shape is retained.


The right care:

First of all, the following applies in general: first test care products on a hidden part of your bag to avoid unsightly stains and color changes. Also, observe the care instructions of the bag manufacturer.


Different types of leather - different care tips

Smooth leather: Use a suitable leather grease or leather milk to protect your bag from drying out and from cracked areas. The Classic cleaning cream and the 1909 Leather Lotion from Collonil maintain and regenerate high-quality smooth leather and protect it from moisture loss. The leather remains soft and supple throughout.


Suede: Care is relatively simple with a suede bag. Simply bring the leather back into shape with a common leather brush. With a velour eraser, stains can also be removed quickly and easily. The Nubuk Box Classic from Collonil is particularly suitable here. With the gentle dry cleaner, the unsightly stains on the rough or suede can be easily erased.


Patent leather: Bags made of patent leather are very sensitive. Clean your patent leather bag regularly with a damp cloth. In any case, the cloth should be free of oil and grease, because this only leaves unsightly streaks on your favorite bag.


A classic: shoe polish for the leather bag

Shoe polish for the leather bag is a popular classic. But great caution is required here! Make sure that the shoe polish is only suitable for smooth leather, as this can cause considerable damage to other types of leather. In addition, you should make sure that you only use a shoe polish if its color is 100% the color of your handbag to avoid color changes.


Protect the bag from dirt and moisture

To optimally protect your bag from dirt and moisture, it is best to treat it with a colorless impregnation spray, such as the Water-stop Classic from Colonic. This not only cares for the leather and offers protection against dirt and moisture, but also prevents the colors from fading due to UV rays.

You should impregnate your leather bag as evenly as possible and make sure that every area has been treated with the spray to avoid stains and irregularities. Then you should leave the impregnation spray on long enough and let it dry. Only when the spray is completely absorbed will your bag be fully protected from dirt and water. As a rule, the impregnation layer of your bag has dissolved after six to eight weeks. After this time, you should impregnate your leather bag again.


Another tip from us: Do not use the impregnation spray in closed rooms. The vapors should not be inhaled. Do this step in the fresh air.


And if you ever forget to impregnate your bag regularly: carry a jute bag with you in every bag. This is not only perfect for shopping but also to protect the bag from moisture in a surprising rain shower.


If your bag does get wet, let it dry at room temperature. In addition, the bag should be stuffed with a lot of newspaper, because this way it can also dry optimally from the inside.


Clean leather bag: crumbs & Co.

Who does not know that? With regular use, the favorite bag quickly looks ugly from the inside. Over time, a lot accumulates here: crumbs, old receipts, or other little things. We, therefore, recommend that you regularly clear your bag and vacuum it properly with a small vacuum so you can get into the corners.


Remove unpleasant smells from the handbag:

Something runs out of your pocket and Zack creates an unpleasant smell that is annoying every time you wear it. Here, too, we have a tip for you: Fill a small tin with baking soda and place it in your pocket for about 24 hours. Then put the bag in an old cushion cover, the baking soda absorbs the smell and removes it from your bag in no time.

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Alice Carroll
Alice Carroll
Tuesday 28th July 2020

Thanks for the tip that vacuum cleaning can make sure that my bag doesn't have unwanted debris inside it. I'm planning to buy myself an Italian leather bag because I recently got bonus from work. Since my birthday was not that enjoyable due to the pandemic, I think it's warranted that I spoil myself a little bit right now.


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