GUCCI's Padlock small case combines the Flora floral totem from the 60s with GG's old floral canvas and warm, bright yellow leather trim, making the classic elements burst with energy and romance as if entering the spring season early. Bamboo handles and vintage luggage latches are also sentimental details.

- Design Inspiration -

Padlock series was born in early spring 2016, with vintage square latches as the iconic elements, inspired by GUCCI classic suitcase.

This bag continues the vintage suitcase box structure, gold latch and leather-wrapped corner elements, the top changed to a round arch design, full of classical charm. The sides and bottom of the case are stitched with yellow leather, and the bright tones exude a fresh garden style.

The square vintage latch is the most recognizable element on the Padlock series, with threaded design around the latch and on the side of the locking eye, exquisite workmanship.

The lock is a double-safe design. For daily use, simply slide the left round buckle to the right and the middle buckle will automatically pop out. When storing valuables, you can lock the key lock in the middle together for privacy.

- GG Flora Print -

The Flora floral totem is the fanciest element on this bag and adds some classical charm and romance against the GG old floral canvas.

The Gucci Flora Print dates back to the 1960s and was originally created as a custom silk scarf pattern for Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco by Italian illustrator Vittorio Accornero, inspired by Renaissance painter Botticelli's masterpiece Primavera.

Vittorio Accornero used 37 colors to depict 43 plant and insect motifs, including poppies, roses, violets, daisies, and butterflies, and named it "Flora". The print on this bag is rendered on GG canvas using a holographic printing technique with very delicate and exquisite tones.

- Bamboo Handle

A classic Gucci creation, the bamboo handle was first created in 1947, shortly after the end of World War II, when European countries were still rationing their resources and had very limited raw materials to make bags.

The bamboo handles are first heated by fire to bend the bamboo, then colored with natural beeswax and varnish, and then reheated to give it a natural scorch.

The bamboo handle has a delicate curvature, and after heating and varnishing, it feels smooth and comfortable. It is fixed to the top of the bag by a metal buckle, which is not only durable but also has a unique classical oriental flavor.

The bag also comes with a long, detachable shoulder strap, designed with leather and chain, which looks great hanging naturally or on the shoulder, and can be adjusted in length with a buckle.

- What can this bag hold? -

The inside of the flap is also bright yellow leather, echoing the corners of the bag. The lining is a suede textured fiber fabric that is soft and resistant to wear and tear, with a yellow leather label sewn on the backside.

The interior is a large open compartment with plenty of space. We put a 100ml bottle of Alchemist's Garden perfume, a short wallet, two lipsticks and a pair of Airpods in the bag, taking up only the bottom space, which is enough for daily use or short trips. The floral totem on the bag is very holiday-worthy and can be used as a picnic box.

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