As a bag manufacturer, we often receive orders for custom canvas bags. As a kind of bag with high plasticity, affordable price and environmental protection, canvas bags are widely received by various people, while the use of scenarios is very diversified.


So today we will talk about the various advantages and disadvantages of canvas bags and what are the production process?



1. Canvas bag material grade

2. Canvas bag typestyle

3. Canvas bag printing process

4. Canvas bag accessories type



Different styles of canvas bag material introduction


Printing fabric

The printed fabric is a kind of fabric that has been initially printed in advance, usually, with a variety of patterns and styles, the fabric factory will directly provide some printing fabric stock, but also according to the requirements to print. Generally, the order quantity is very large.


Cotton fabric

Cotton fabric has good temperature absorption and breathability, soft luster, soft touch but not smooth, cotton fabric surface and cottonseed shavings and other small impurities, and more easily broken, handgrip after loosening will produce obvious wrinkles, and not easy to recover



Polyester cotton that spits out the style of polyester and the strengths of cotton fabric, in dry, wet conditions, elasticity and wear resistance are better, size stability, not easy to shrink, with extended dial, not easy to more fold, easy to wash, fast dry characteristics, can not be hot and boiling water immersion.


Hemp fabric

Hemp fabric is made of various hemp plant fibers, including flax, ramie, jute, etc., with soft, breathable and fresh, washable, etc.



Linen fabric

Linen fabric is woven by linen into the line, the surface is not like chemical fiber and cotton take the kind of smooth, with a vivid back convex pattern, fabric manufacturers often use linen fabric this subtle and go to the beauty of the material. At the same time, in addition to synthetic fibers, linen is a strong species of textiles, its fiber strength is high, not easy to tear or break, can be any palette knife pressed on it.



Canvas bags of various bag shape

Canvas bags according to different details can be divided into the following bag shapes:

  • Gourd bag
  • Curved bag
  • Double drawstring single sewing
  • Double drawstring double sewing
  • Single drawstring bag
  • Round bottom drawstring bag
  • Round bottom drawstring in the middle
  • Drawstring backpack bag
  • Zipper bag
  • Flat bag with a hole
  • Flat bag with a hole with bottom and side gusset
  • Drawstring bag with bottom gusset
  • Tote bag(no bottom no side)
  • Tote with bottom no side
  • With side and bottom
  • With side and bottom
  • With reinforced straps
  • With zipper
  • Foldable totes
  • With pocket outside
  • With splicing
  • With shoulder strap


Canvas bag printing method


Silkscreen printing

Using screen printing machine printing on the fabric. silk printing is used a lot in bag manufacturing.


Digital printing

Using digital ink printing on the fabric, the pattern performance is lighter, the advantages are fast printing speed, cheap and will not fade.


Heat transfer printing

Clear pattern, good color expression, can print complex characters and landscape patterns, no fading, but the price is higher.


Thermal sublimation

Heat sublimation, vivid colors, clear layers, subtle color differences between adjacent patterns can also be expressed


Canvas bag accessories type

  • Pressed button
  • Magnet button
  • Velcro
  • Inside pocket
  • With zipper
  • Adjustable D ring
  • Iron hole
  • Different webbings
  • With shoulder strap
  • Woven label
  • Washing label
  • Iron hole



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