According to the Lyst's fashion data, we found the top 3 hottest leather goods past Q4 2019.

1.The Gucci logo belt

2.Bottega Veneta The Pouch mini leather clutch

3.Balenciaga Hourglass top handle bag


In the closing quarter of the decade, the Gucci logo belt once again became the globe’s hottest fashion leather goods, Averaging over 165,000 online monthly searches between October and December, the best-selling fashion accessory is a serious contender for the hottest product of the decade.


Bottega Veneta The Pouch mini leather clutch

Closing the list as the 5th most popular product of the quarter’s three months, soft leather and special shape makes everyone can't shut down the Instagram page.


I think Balenciaga Hourglass's top handle bag is the best gift for you or your lover. The top handle bag enters the hottest lady's products list in the 7th position. Defined by its distinctive curved shape, the Hourglass tote from Balenciaga promises a modern appeal.


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